Data-Center Solutions

Datacenter Solutions

Business dynamics are changing fast in today’s world and business is becoming more and more dependent on IT infrastructure. Virtualization and cloud is putting more pressure on new design and efficiency of data center. We offer two services mainly assessment of existing data center and building new data center.

Datacenter Assessment

Assessment of IT Infrastructure and its utilization is done for Application servers, Storage, Backup, Datacenter Network (Network & Security) and Wi-Fi Network (Network & Security)

Virtualization and blade servers create more space in existing data center but it is also necessary to check existing non IT DC component scalability in light of cooling, power and space. We provide end to end assessment including IT and non IT components.

IT Infrastructure Components like Servers Infra consolidation, Network/Security Infra consolidation ,Remediation & Certification,Desktop virtualization

Non-IT Components like cooling, Power, Rack, BMS Integration etc.

Datacenter Build

We take holistic approach of DC build which addresses three questions of customer.

  • Why should I own DC?
  • Right solution for me?
  • How can I implement it successfully?

We provide different datacenter solutions on the basis of customer requirements like cloud, hosted, on-premises solutions