Visitor Management System

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With increasing security concerns government and security authorities have mandated guidelines for capturing detail of each and every person entering facility. This makes task tedious for operators and frustrating time consuming process for visitors. Faster and integrated process is needed for visitor management. ATS provides solution for visitor management which is logically extension of time and attendance management system.

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Advantage and feature of Visitor Management solution

Filtering of Visitor Record according to :

  • Visitor Name and Visitor Company
  • From Date and To date
  • To meet the intended Employee of particular Company or Department
  • Visiting Purpose
  • Status such as In Visitor and Out Visitor
Monitroing Visitors
  • Monitoring the Visitors & their activities in the company.
  • Add , Edit , Delete Visitor record with Photo and Fingerprint.
Account Management
  • Keeping an Account of Prescheduled appointments by officers.
  • Generating Visitor Badge.
Real Time Reports
  • Generating Visitor Report With and Without Photo.