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Time and attendance is need for every company or business whether it is small or large. For small business with few employees manual attendance using register is fine but for SMB or large businesses with multiple locations it becomes complex and error prone if we do it manually. Also one has to adhere and comply to security and local labour laws. It is very essential to move to computerized time and attendance system which can track time and attendance efficiently and also provides detail reports whenever and wherever you want.

Single or multiple door standalone system with RF card and/or finger printing for small business. Network based scalable and enhance solution for medium and large enterprise which can cater to office spread across multiple buildings, locations, department and cities. Also integrated solution with Access Control System.

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Advantage and feature of Time and Attendance Solution

Ease And Security
Real Time Reports
  • Automate and self service increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Single system with centralized management – It can be deployed at multiple entrance and locations and can be managed centrally.
  • Economical as additional manpower for maintaining register and calculation of time is not needed.
Ease And Secure
  • Integration with access control and payroll application allows process automation yielding greater benefits.
  • Local labour laws and overtime payment can be easily adhered to.
  • Help preventing buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping records.
Real Time Reports
  • Gives real time and historical reports in minutes to help making decisions quickly.
  • Solution allows defining flexible shift timing, grace period for late coming and early going. Easy to define weekly off, holidays and multiple breaks with a configurable Lunch break.
  • Define leave type and define/schedule shift calendars.
RFID Integration
  • Scheduling of shift can be done by both employee and Department wise.
  • Limited Leave quota management, that allows to assign Leave day(s) quota to employees.
  • Integrates with Access Control like RFID and Biometric access control systems.