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Security is prime concern of all businesses due to increased threat and incidents. Controlled access is need of the day by providing limited and required and approved access to employees and visitors. Allocating granular access per door can be achieved with access control system equipped with RF card and biometric devices like finger printing, face recognition, palm recognition.

Single or multiple door standalone system with RF card and/or finger printing for small business. Network based scalable and enhance solution for medium and large enterprise which can cater to office spread across multiple buildings, locations, department and cities. Also integrated solution with Time and Attendance System.

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Advantage and feature of Access Control solution

Real Time
Enahance Identity
Single system with centralized management – It can be deployed at multiple entrance and locations and can be managed centrally.
Integrated Solution
Integrated solution with Time and Attendance is available to enhance process automation yielding greater benefits.
Enahance Identity
Help preventing buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping records.Enhanced identity management using biometric like finger print, Face recognition, palm recognition.
Real Time
Gives real time and historical reports in minutes to help making decisions quickly.